LUDD Distributed Systems and Technologies

LUDD DUST is a subsection of LUDD - Luleå Academic Computer Society. DUST is LUDDs environment for distributed technologies, and resides at Luleå university of Technology:s Luleå campus.

The environment consists of high performance compute servers from the OpenCompute project, as well as storage servers also from OpenCompute.

Technologies include Ceph, Consul & Nomad, SLURM to name a few.

Our offerings

LCNet Colocation

LCNet (Luleå Campus Network) is a service offered by LUDD, enabling members of LUDD to colocate their own servers in LUDD's data center. Power, network and rack space is provided as long as it is available.


LUDD DUSTcloud is a large virtual machine cluster spanning over 20 nodes. Resources at LUDD DUSTcloud can be utilized by members of LUDD, as well as students of Luleå university of Technology. Resources can be used personally, or as part of a course. For more information, please send an email to


LUDD DUST HPC is the latest offering from LUDD DUST, enabling students to work in environments similar to those of Sweden's major HPC providers. Generic compute nodes as well as GPU nodes are available to run simulations, calculations and other compute-heavy projects that would otherwise cost a fortune.

Equipment sponsors


Sponsored with OpenCompute hardware, racks, and networking equipment


Sponsored with network power equipment

Department of CSESE @ Luleå university of Technology

Sponsored with storage capacity.

Facilities sponsors

Luleå university of Technology

Sponsored with facilities, power, and cooling.